Snow plows


With its comprehensive range of multi-section snow plows, Boschung offers snow removal equipment in all sizes.

The snow plows are equipped with an automatic run-over protection for obstacles with up to 15 cm height, a benefit of spring-mounted sections. A hydraulically-operated snowplough release suspension provides maximum snow clearance and drive ability. The patented excess pressure hydraulic valve unit protects the inclination cylinder from lateral collision with an obstacle.

All Boschung MF snow plows can be fitted with the modular ‘Vpad’ control system.

Technical data:
Plow width2400 - 8400 mm
Clearing width in inclined position2035 - 7100 mm
Weight (with attachment plate
and lifting, lowering and
inclination system)
720 - 2900 kg

with flap segment

The Boschung adjustable-width multi-section snow plows have been specially designed and constructed for use at airports and on motorways.

Adjustable-width snow plows – such as Type MFS 52 or MFS 54 – are ideally suited for the largest possible snow clearing and when folded in, easy for driving through narrow access roads. Both types of snow plow are equally capable of clearing snow with the lateral blade retracted!

The MF 84 2S, our largest model, is mainly used at airports. With its two lateral folding blades, it can be easily parked in the hangars.

Technical data:
Plow width5200 - 8400 mm
Clearing width in inclined position4410 - 7100 mm
Weight (with attachment plate
and lifting, lowering and
inclination system)
999 - 2900 kg


In order to clear a runway out of snow efficiently in a single run with 5 or 6 vehicles, the largest possible width of the plow is required. The MF 84 snow plow meets this requirement perfectly.

However, when the vehicle is being relocated or parked (in a hangar), the narrowest possible overall width is of advantage.

The Type MF 84 S offers the perfect solution to both requirements.

Technical data:
Plow width6400 - 8400 mm
Clearing width in inclined position5430 - 7100 mm
Weight (with attachment plate
and lifting, lowering and
inclination system)
1910 - 2900 kg

Light-snow plow

In areas with little snow, the light-snow plows can be a cost-effective option.

Weighing less than a conventional snow plow, and tough enough to do the job, they bring the fuel consumption of the carrying vehicle even lower.

Fitted with a one-piece blade, the plow is inclined to the right or left and raised or lowered by the hydraulic cylinder.

These snow plows are particularly suitable for small and lightweight vehicles with all-wheel drive, such as attachment carriers, narrow-track vehicles and Unimogs.

Technical data:
Plow width1800 - 2600 mm
Clearing width in inclined position1470 - 2130 mm
Weight (with attachment plate
and lifting, lowering and
inclination system)
265 - 290 kg

Side plow

In many places the existing road network is constructed in different ways, with carriageways of varying width, the snow clearing path have to be adjusted accordingly.

The Boschung side-mounted snow plows Type SF 4/5 and SFL 4/5 are an excellent way of extending the clearing width, in conjunction with the front-mounted snow plow.

This way, the snow clearance and access width can be infinitely adjusted to suit the actual requirements. This offers an optimal way to adjust the snow clearing paths.

Technical data:
Plow width3070 - 3850 mm
Weight720 - 840 kg
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