Urban-Sweeper S3, Street Sweeper

Urban-Sweeper S3

Compact and powerful

Compact and powerful, the Urban-Sweeper S3 was engineered to work the distance with agility in absolute comfort. The state-of-the-art suction technology of the sweeper leaves nothing behind. The advanced steering options give the street sweeper the maximum dexterity for precision.

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The most powerful suction force

Because the Urban-Sweeper S3 was engineered with maximum efficiency in mind, we managed to give the compact sweeper a suction power like no others. The state-of-the-art suction technology developed for the Urban-Sweeper S3 allows the absorption of larger objects and adjusts itself to the different types of waste to vacuum.

Work the distance with a leading hopper size

The 2.5 m³ hopper gives the compact Urban-Sweeper S3 the necessary size to work the distance in absolute comfort. The fresh water tank can contain up to 460 l of clean water.

Boschung Urban-Sweeper S3, Street Sweeper, Hopper

Empty the underground tanks with the power of the Urban-Sweeper S3

Handle it with agility

By bringing all four wheels into the equation, we managed to improve stability, manoeuvrability and reduced the turning circle to a minimum. Adjust your driving to suit your work with 4 types of steering: front-wheel steering, rear-wheel steering, all-wheel steering and crab steering.

A cabin built around the driver

Designed to offer the driver the best display, the two-seater cabin was built for maximum comfort and flexibility with low noise distraction. Tailored to use with ease, the joystick control unit fitted as an extension of the door armrest of the Urban-Sweeper S3 gives you the ability to handle all your work tools in just one hand. Comfort is ensured with a temperature-controlled filtered air ventilation.

Boschung Urban-Sweeper S3, Cabin

Your vehicle is connected

Every Urban-Sweeper S3 is an extension of its driver, and now with the bVision platform that connection is even stronger. bVision unlocks a whole suite of surprising and integrated features for the ultimate connected work tool experience. With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivity, bVision offers a better understanding of your cleaning activities.

Boschung Urban-Sweeper S3, Street Sweeper, bVision, Borrma

Technical Specifications


  • Length with standard broom

    4,060 mm

  • Width

    1,290 mm

  • Width with front broom

    1,550 mm

  • Height

    2,000 mm

  • Sweeping width with standard broom

    2,100 mm

  • Sweeping width with 3rd broom

    2,700 mm

  • Turning track all-wheel steering

    6,200 mm

  • Turning circle with all-wheel steering

    7,200 mm

Subject to technical modifications without prior notice.

  • Weights

    • Gross vehicle weight

      5,000 kg

  • Engine

    • VM-Detroit

      R754 EU6

    • Performance

      84 kW / 114 HP

    • Performance limited to

      72 kW / 98 HP

  • Driving performance

    • Working Speed

      0 - 25 km/h

    • Driving Speed

      0 - 50 km/h

  • Drive and steering

    • Drive


    • Steering types
      • front-wheel
      • rear-wheel
      • all-wheel
      • crab steering
  • Waste hopper

    • Capacity

      2.5 m³

    • Tipping height

      1,400 mm

  • Water management system

    • Clean water tank

      up to 460 l

  • Suction mouth

    • Width

      650 mm

    • Suction nozzle at full width between the brushes
    • Impact protection with hydraulic activated large debris flap and heavy duty castors
    • High-performance suction blower, tear-resistant and self-cleaning with additional opening
  • Brush system

    • Diameter

      800 mm

    • Steel / synthetic bristles
    • Individually and hydraulically articulated arms
    • Impact shock absorbers and side impact hydraulic protection
    • Individually equipped with adjustable water nozzles
  • Operating system

    • Joystick control unit fitted on the door armrest
    • Cruise control
  • Cabin

    • Meets the highest security standards
    • Soundproofed
    • Suspended driver seat
    • Sliding windows on both sides
    • Air-filtered ventilation with a fresh air, air-circulating system and a 3 stage heater blower
    • Cabin lightening with integrated working lights
    • Integrated radio system
    • 2-stage windshield wiper
    • Knock down rotating flashing lights
    • Heated rear-view mirrors

3rd Brush

Enlarge the sweeping reach of the Urban-Sweeper S3 by adding a 3rd brush in the front.

  • Increase cleaning width by 600 mm
  • Support the cleaning operation in hard to reach areas

Weed Brush

Remove unwanted weeds without the use of chemicals with the Urban-Sweeper S3 weed brush.

Two types of brush:

  • Steel bristles
  • Bundled steel and synthetic strings

High pressure washer with extendable wash bar

Turn the Urban-Sweeper S3 into a powerful high pressure extendable washer.

3 types of wash bar are available:

  • Standard one-piece bar
  • Telescopic extendable bar
  • Short one-side bar

Hand Suction Hose

Reach for small areas around the Urban-Sweeper S3 with the swiveling hand suction hose stored above the hopper.

  • Lifting assisted with arm
  • Pivoting all around the vehicle
  • Dust control with the suction mouth integrated water nozzle

Underground Refuse Tank Suction Hose

Empty the underground tanks with the powerful Urban-Sweeper S3 suction hose.

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

two electric engines with oranges cables and transparent hoses attached to a grey steal frame with two red suspension on each side

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