The managing platform for smart operations

Management designed for the perfectionists. Accessible from your computer or on the go with your smartphone, bVision is a management platform offering the tools for smart operations and complex decision-making situations. Specifically designed for both roads and runways, bVision drastically helps improve efficiency by connecting all your yearly maintenance activities into the same platform.

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Integration has come full circle with the bVision platform. Today you can forecast, track and analyze your connected weather stations, automated spray system FAST, maintenance vehicles and worktools on the same platform.

Stay connected on the go with the smartphone application of the bVision platform, the RWIS-App and keep an eye on your surface condition at all times.

Jetbroom, bVision, Airport Runway Cleaning

With bVision reporting, keep tracks of your actions, create detailed reports and generate customized macros for automated invoicing. Annonymous tracking of the users is also available.

Boschung bVision, Borrma, Tracking
Boschung bVision, weather stations

Anticipate events with live alarms on the bVision

Boschung bVision, Borrma, weather station, camera

View live and recorded road images with camera pictures

bVision, alarm notification, phone, risk of ice

Be notified of the danger with the SAM alarm system over email, text message or phone call

bVision, weather stations analytics

Analyze the history of your stations and optimize your operations

Meteorological forecast services are integrated and calculated by bVision to determine the level of danger to come

Nowcast and forecast are being calculated by a hydric and thermic balance model. Nowcast is given for up to 3 hours forecast including all local parameters. Forecast is given for up to 72 hours including forecast precipitations data.

bVision, Borrma, forecasting

FAST Management

Trigger, monitor and analyze your FAST, Fixed Automated Spray Technology, system on the bVision platform


Analyze the information live or return into time with complete log history of your FAST system

Fixed De-Icing, FAST System

Manage and launch spraying programs directly from bVision

bVision, Urban Sweeper S2.0, Vehicle Management

Watch the course, the average speed and the performed work of your vehicle on the map

bVision, Borrma, Vehicle Management

View the equipment in use, type and amount of liquids and/or salt used and analyze for a better efficiency

bVision,  Surface Condition Management Platform, Missions Management,

Organize and schedule your missions easily with efficiency. Trigger missions and send them directly to your operators and to your vehicle's Vpad

The tool for smart operations

Hosted in a high technology server room responding to the highest norms of security ISO 27001, bVision not only offers the best management solutions, it also comes with a 24/7 professional support team and regular updates. bVision is also available for on-site installation.

bVision, Borrma, Server

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

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