Powered by ELECTRIC

A new generation of Boschung fully electrically-powered vehicles for the winter and summer maintenance of traffic surfaces

Rethink the way your work

Boschung powered by ELECTRIC

Fast charging

Equipped with pioneering charging technology that allow the Boschung Powered by ELECTRIC vehicles a full charge in just 100 minutes

Boschung fast charging battery technology, powered by ELECTRIC vehicles

Smart management

Temperature sensors were engineered to guarantee the battery surveillance at all time for a maximum battery lifetime


Energy recuperation system

The battery recuperation system allows your battery to recover energy while on the move

The seamless switch to electric

Long operating capability, ultra-fast charging, and state-of-the-art technology to make switching to electric working as seamless as possible. The unique, powerful and Boschung engineered battery at the heart of the Powered by ELECTRIC vehicles is a strong muscle whose performance determines how efficient the machine can be

0 (zero) emission

We take the concept of 0 (zero) emission to the next level in terms of technology and quality which is why we are moving towards a 0 (zero) carbon emissions sustainable future by electrifying our product range

Urban-Sweeper S2.0

Proven performance powered by ELECTRIC, the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 is the only 2 m3 / 2.6 yd3 sweeper combining ease and suction power with the most progressive technologies of today

Pony P3.0

Strong, daring and reliable now powered by ELECTRIC, the Pony P3.0 offers maximum efficiency all year-round releasing 0 (zero) emission