Mobile Road Condition Monitoring Tool


Connected for instant results

The SOBO³⁺ applies the method of conductivity measurement to determine the leftover quantity of salt/calcium chloride on a surface. Connected to the SOBO³⁺ mobile application, the SOBO³⁺ displays on the screen and on the mobile application the measured information, such as the amount of residual salt/calcium chloride, pavement temperature and instantly reports to the maintenance center. Being aware of your surface condition in real time with geolocalization will give you the keys for smart decision making.

  • Situation
    • Boschung
      Highway and Road
    • Boschung
      City and Municipality

Connected for smart and real time decision making

Connected to the SOBO application on your smartphone, the SOBO³⁺ delivers the information to the maintenance center in real-time with the exact geolocalization.

Boschung SOBO³⁺, Smartphone, Road Condition Monitoring
SOBO³⁺ - Mobile Road Condition Monitoring Tool

With the SOBO³⁺, measure the amount of salt on wet and dried surfaces



  • Measurements can be taken in
    • g/m²
    • lbs/ lane mile
  • Measuring liquid

    2 possible solutions with technical acetone and distilled water

    • 100% distilled water
    • 85% distilled water with 15% technical acetone
  • Tank capacity

    1.5 l (approx. 35 measurements)

  • Volume of fluid injected per measurement

    41.5 ml ± 1 ml

  • Displayed measurement

    range 0 to 50 g/m2
    resolution 1 g/m2

  • Measurable de-icing agents
    • NaCl
    • CaCl2
  • Pavement temperature

    range -30 °C to 75 °C
    resolution 0.1 °C

Subject to technical modifications without prior notice.

  • Communication

    • Smartphone application


    • Operating system
      • Android
    • Transmission SOBO → smartphone


    • Transmission of reports (PDF)

      with the SOBO application on your smartphone

  • General characteristics

    • Storage temperature

      -30 °C to +50 °C

    • Operating temperature

      -30 °C to +30 °C

    • Power supply

      battery 1 x 9V

  • Mechanical characteristics

    • Dimensions

      900 mm x 118 mm

    • Weight

      5 kg

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