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Maximum flexibility for ultimate safety

Years of experience in de-icing have let us to one conclusion: prevention is key to safety and prevention can only be achieved with maximum efficiency if done using the full liquid technology. With FlexiWet®, you can now turn your salt spreader in a full liquid spreader in just about 10 minutes. Use the same vehicle through all phases of winter.

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Simply ease it in and transform your salt spreader info a 100% liquid FullWet® spreader in just 10 minutes
Full liquid for a most efficient prevention of the danger

Years of experience with the de-icing of traffic surfaces have led us to one conclusion: prevention of the formation of ice is only efficient with a fully liquid solution. A 100% solution of brine is spread on the surface before the freezing occures, the solution will stick to the ground until temperature drops, evaporating the water and leaving on the surface the small particle of salt to prevent the formation of ice. Today with the patented Boschung FlexiWet®, install the flexible bag directly into your salt tank and use the same spreader adapted to all winter requirments.

FlexiWet® more than just a bag a patented engineering gem

Adjustable to your hopper size

The robust, tear-resistant and cold resistant to up to -30°C FlexiWet® bag is attached to a solid steel frame ensuring a precise installation into the empty salt hopper. Filling and emptying is assured by hoses connected with quick couplers.

Spraying with efficiency
Reach up to 12 m spraying width at a working speed of up to 80km/h with the smart nozzle concept

Perfect liquid spreading with the OptiWet® disc

Optional jet nozzles ensure precise spray pattern at high-speed spreading with strong wind stability on the outside lanes

Optional flat nozzles guarantee a homogeneous layer of liquid ice control on the middle lane

FlexiWet® a year round performance

Make your winter equipment profitable and turn your salt spreader into an efficient street washer outside the winter season with the FlexiWet®.

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.
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