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Ice Early Warning System RWIS

Advancing the science of ice detection

The secret of safety and efficiency lies behind Boschung with over 40 years of experience in Ice Early Warning Systems. Today we give you the chance to be ahead of severe winter conditions with technologies able to predict the future of your surface condition from anywhere at any time. With a combination of the measurements taken by meteorological sensors and active pavement sensors, the Boschung Ice Early Warning System gives you the keys for smart decision making.

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Measuring the freezing point regardless of the type of thawing agent applied

With the active technology, the pavement sensor installed directly into your road will automatically cool down its surface until freezing occurs, measuring the freezing point temperature. By comparing the road surface temperature with the freezing point temperature, the degree of protection is known.

All atmospheric conditions from one instrument

The Boschung r-weather is a compact atmospheric sensor joining all the measuring functionalities of the most important weather conditions in one unique and self-cleaning instrument. Among the many benefits of the r-weather, the measuring of the visibility gives the Ice Early Warning System the ability to detect the very dangerous freezing fog.

Contactless ice early detection with the r-condition

The new patented Boschung technology of the r-condition is the first non-invasive road condition sensor providing early warnings of ice formation.

Receive alarms and manage the safety of your roads with maximum efficiency

The BORRMA, Boschung Road and Runway Management platform, receives all data collected from the Ice Early Warning System. Information is processed, alarms are triggered, and decisions can be made to ensure the safety of your roads with maximum precision and efficiency.

Because seconds are crucial for safety, take protection and automation to the next level with the Boschung FAST, Fixed Automated Spray Technology, system. Avoid danger and eliminate risks of ice formation on your high exposure and high traffic roads with proven technologies just in time.
One system, many possibilities

Ice Early Warning System

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