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Vehicle System Engineering

Equipped for performance

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Hydraulic systems
Flexibility and ability are what make our strength when it comes to fulfil our customer's requirements with the highest expectations. Our modular system was carefully defined with the cooperation of leading truck manufacturers. Distinguished by the quality and reliability of our system, our system meets the DIN EN compliance standards.

Economical, environmentally friendly and future-oriented

Connected the the Vpad, the LS hydraulic system built in the truck can be adjusted to the required hydraulic power whether it's used for winter or summer services via a menu. A wide range of applications can be realised with one vehicle such as washing, spraying, sweeping broom drive, crane tipping as well as snowplow and the spreader drive. Even further, the LS hydraulic system lets you program the required oil quantities to suit your consumption.

Mounting brackets

The vehicle is equipped with one or two mounting plates to accommodate front or side implements. The size of the mounting plate depends on the carrier vehicle and enables, for example, the mounting of a snow plow or sweeping broom using the quick-change method. The current European DIN EN standards as well as the Swiss standard VSS are applied, each in different sizes.

Protected for safety

To reduce the potential of injury in the event of a collision, the protective cover reduces material damages by absorbing the energy of the impact.

See and be seen

Road safety is something that deserve special attention especially during night time winter road maintenance opperations. Visibility is as important to the driver as it is to other users on the road.

The right amount of lighting for safety

A winter maintenance vehicle must have front winter maintenance lighting, as the original lighting is partially concealed. Further equipment with omnidirectional beacons and retro-reflective warning markings is necessary. All lights are available in LED.

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.
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