Pony P3.0

Strong, daring and reliable now powered by ELECTRIC

Agile, versatile and flexible the Pony P3.0 is the result of over 50 years of constant engineering and development work, transforming the 1970 Pony from a revolutionizing work tool to a most efficient, sustainable and modernized better version of itself. Fully powered by electricity, the Pony P3.0 was engineered to offer maximum efficiency all year-round with over 9 different equipment types while release 0 (zero) emission. The Quick Switch System allows a complete transformation of the multipurpose carrier in just 10 minutes. Equipped with an All Wheel Drive powertrain driven by four electric engines the Pony P3.0 delivers unparalleled performance in all weather conditions. The Boschung engineered 54.4 kWh lithium-ion battery at the heart of the vehicle gives the power to all engines and system granting an entire shift of work in just 100 minutes charging time.

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Boschung Pony P3.0, Fully-Electric Multipurpose Carrier, Tipper body

Tipper body

Made out of a galvanized frame with an aluminium floor plate the tipper body can be used to transport bulk items or fill up the rear mounted spreader on the go.

  • Width 1,150 mm / 45″
  • Length 1,925 mm / 76″
  • Depth 300 mm / 12″

The vehicle can be optionally equipped with a trailer hitch (ball head), with a drawbar load of 150 kg / 331 lbs and a trailer weight of max. 2,100 kg / 4,630 lbs.

Boschung Pony P3.0, Fully-Electric Multipurpose Carrier, universal hopper

Universal hopper

Built out of aluminum, the ultra-light 2 m3 / 2.6 yd3 Universal Hopper can be used for different applications such as sweeping, mowing or scrubbing. The electrically driven turbine enabling the most powerful suction force and strategically placed on top of the hopper delivers vacuum and airflow granting exceptional sweeping performances, leaving no chance to dirt. The hopper can tilt up to a height of more than 1,600 mm / 63″ to ensure the collected waste can be emptied properly into a container. Cleaning of the small particles is done by simply applying water pressure into the filtering grates without having to open any hatches or doors. No filter replacement is ever needed.

  • Capacity 2 m3 / 2.6 yd3
Boschung Pony P3.0, fully-electric multipurpose carrier, high pressure washer

High pressure washer

The electrically driven high-pressure pump installed in the tank assembly allows high pressure washing with an adjustable water flow for optimum cleaning with as little water as necessary. The water tank can hold up to 1,400 l / 370 gallons. Side nozzles, high pressure cleaner spray heads and various containers for disinfectants are available as options.

  • Washing bar width 1,200 mm - 1,400 mm / 47″ - 55″
Boschung Pony P3.0, fully-electric multipurpose carrier, hand water cleaner

Hand water cleaner

The ultra-lightweight plastic tank is used in the warm season for watering and in winter service for FullWet® brine spraying - with rear-mounted spray bar - and holds up to 1,400 liters / 370 gallons of water, with an additional 190 liters / 50 gallons of fresh water in the tank behind the cab. The high-pressure pump installed in the tank allows a flow rate of up to 67 l/min / 18 gpm.

The optional high-pressure lance with a hose length of 10 m also becomes a pouring arm by simply turning the tip. The boom, which can be svivelled by 160°, allows access to every corner.

Boschung Pony P3.0, fully-electric multipurpose carrier, mounted sweeper

Mounted Sweeper

Installed directly onto the front mounting triangle the sweeper brushes are driven by two separate electric motors. The arms are controlled by the double joystick and are adjusted individually. Working width and ground pressure can easily be fine-tuned. The arms are equipped with a mechanical front shock absorber and side collision protection. Dirt is sucked into the suction mouth and transported to the hopper via the suction pipe. Thanks to the pressurised recycling water system from the universal hopper and the pressurised fresh-water application with two nozzles at each brush, the emission of fine, harmful dust is reduced to a minimum by a certified system with the highest level of PM10 4-star and PM2.5, a distinguished quality standard throughout Europe.

  • Sweeping width from 1,200 mm to 2,100 mm / 47” - 83”
Boschung Pony P3.0, fully-electric multipurpose carrier, mower


Fixed onto the front mounting triangle the mowing unit transforms the Pony P3.0 into a heavy duty, large area lawn mower in just a few minutes. Equipped with three blades it is completely electrically driven end easily adjusted. The freshly cut grass is directly sucked into the universal container via a uniquelly engineered suction mouth.

  • Mowing width 1,500 mm / 59”
  • Cutting height from 30 mm to 100 mm / 1.18” - 4”
Boschung Pony P3.0, Fully-Electric Multipurpose Carrier, Snow Plow

Snow plow

Attached to the front mounting triangle the straight snow plow can be lifted, lowered and swivelled via the joystick control command.

  • Plow width 1,600 mm / 63”
  • Plow height 640 mm / 25”
  • Clearing width 1,370 mm / 54”
Boschung Pony P3.0, fully-electric multipurpose carrier, front broom

Front broom

Directly mounted onto the front mounting triangle the fully electrically driven heavy duty front broom can be lifted, lowered and swivelled via the joystick control command for snow removal or dirt cleaning.

  • Broom diameter 400 mm / 16”
  • Broom width 1,300 mm / 51”
  • Cleaning width 1,125 mm / 44”
Boschung Pony P3.0, fully-electric multipurpose carrier, spreader


The groung speed coltrolled spreader can be used for solid or liquid de-icing.

  • Capacity 550 l / 145 gallons liquid or 800 l / 211 gallons solid
  • Spreading width up to 6,500 mm / 21 ft
Boschung Pony P3.0, fully-electric multipurpose carrier,  FullWet® Liquid Spreader

FullWet® Liquid Spreader

  • Capacity from 1,400 l / 370 gallons
  • Spraying width 1,000 mm - 3,000 mm / 59” - 118”

Flexibility and efficiency with the Quick Switch System

With the new front and back Quick Switch System the Pony P3.0 can be transformed multiple times the same day the most time efficient and effortless way possible. Equipment change is made without the use of any work tools. Stative storage is easy and doesn’t require any particular equipment.

All-Wheel Drive power-train delivering unparalleled performance in all weather conditions

Quadruple motor

All-Wheel Drive

4 independent motors digitally controlling each wheel, Incl. electronic traction control

The All-Wheel Drive powertrain of the Pony P3.0 is driven by four independent digitally controled motors delivering the best handling, traction and stability control throughout all weather conditions.

Pony P3.0, Fully Electric All-Wheel Drive Multipurpose Carrier

Agility and precision with maximum dexterity

Articulated steering

for flexibility

Hill holder

for security

Cruise control

for ease

The articulated steering of the Pony P3.0 is supplied with a directional stabilizer giving the vehicle the most sharpness in turns. To ensure the most precise work in every situations, the Pony P3.0 is equipped with a 'hill holder' solution that will hold the vehicle steady while working up or downhill. Automatic full stop is reached as soon as the gas pedal is released even in the most difficult situations. The cruise control system enables the possibility to maintain constant speed when activated to give the driver the assistance needed to focus on the work being done.

A panoramic cabin built around the driver

Fully Electric Pony P3.0, Multipurpose Carrier with Panoramic Cabin

Designed to offer the driver the best display on the work area, the two-seater panoramic cabin was built for maximum comfort and flexibility. The walk-through cabin offers the driver the safety to enter and exit the vehicle on either sides.

Pony P3.0, Touchscreen Control Unit

Displaying your vehicle status, information and intelligent functionalities, the touchscreen control unit of the Pony P3.0 also gives you an overview of the battery management system.

Pony P3.0, double joystick control unit

Tailored to use with ease, the double joystick control unit fitted as an extension of the center armrest of the Pony P3.0 gives you the ability to handle all your work tools in just one hand.

An intelligent battery system to power performance


54.4 kWh


4.17 kWh

for the sweeper, according to the norm DIN EN 15429-2

At the heart of the Pony P3.0 is the battery, a powerful muscle that keeps the vehicle moving, and whose performance determines how efficient the multipurpose carrier can be. Innovative materials and design help optimize the battery’s capacity, durability and safety, making this one battery built to perform.

Pony P3.0, Powered by ELECTRIC, Multipurpose Carrier, Intelligent Battery System

Battery Technology


The 54.4 kWh lithium-ion battery counting 12 modules and a total of 4320 cells is integrated directly into the back frame providing energy to the powertrain with its 4 all-electric wheel motors, equipments and systems.


24 temperature sensors were engineered to guarantee the battery surveillance at all time. The automatic battery heating and cooling system ensures harmless use of the battery throughout of the seasons. An overcharging protection circuit manages the charging of the battery. All intelligent features of the battery were developed to optimize the battery’s capacity, durability and safety.

Boschung fast charging battery technology, powered by ELECTRIC vehicles

Fast charging to get the work done

Charging Time of 100 minutes

with the Supercharger or 8 hours with the Standard Charger

Work time of 1 shift

SuperCharger charging time

0 min
100 min

Work Time

0 hrs
2 hrs
4 hrs
6 hrs
8 hrs
10 hrs

Boschung Pony P3.0, Powered by ELECTRIC, Multipurpose Carrier, SuperCharger


Pony P3.0, Powered by ELECTRIC, Multipurpose Carrier, Standard Stationary Charger

Standard Stationary Charger

A multipurpose carrier connected for a better experience

Course tracking

Follow the path of the Pony P3.0 live or analyze it later. Time at the start of the routine, km / miles traveled, current speed and average speed.

Work performance analyzing

Total operating hours, battery state of charge, kW usage and more.

Keep track of the equipment

Analyze the equipment in use.

Mission planning

Organize and schedule your missions easily and with efficiency. Trigger missions and send them directly to your operators and to your vehicle’s control units.

Boschung Pony P3.0, Powered by ELECTRIC, Smart Multipurpose Carrier, Municipal Vehicle



  • Length

    4,065 mm / 160”

  • Standard width

    1,230 mm / 48”

  • Height

    1,990 mm / 78”

  • Turning circle

    6,750 mm / 265”

  • Turning circle 'curb to curb'

    6,300 mm / 248”

Subject to technical modifications without prior notice.

  • Battery

    • Battery type


    • Capacity

      54.4 kWh

    • Nominal voltage

      96 V

    • Operating time

      up to 10 h

  • Charging system

    • AC On-board

      6.6 kW
      up to 22kW (optional)

    • Charging plug

      Type 2

    • Optional fast charger DC

      23.1 kW

  • Driving performance

    • All-Wheel Drive

      4 independent motors digitally controlling each wheel

    • Working speed

      0 - 18 km/h
      0 - 12 mph

    • Driving speed

      0 - 40 km/h
      0 - 25 mps

    • Electric drive with energy recovery

      40 kW

  • Weights

    • Empty weight (incl. driver)

      1,950 kg / 4,299 lbs

    • Payload

      1,550 kg - 2,050 kg
      3,417 lbs - 4,519 lbs

    • Gross vehicle weight

      3,500 kg - 4,000 kg
      7,716 lbs - 8,818 lbs

  • Cabin

    • LED lights
    • Air conditioning system
    • Panoramic views
    • Floor-window with view on the suction mouth
    • Rear view camera
    • Walk-through
    • Adjustable steering column
    • Suspended driver and co-driver seats
    • Sliding windows on both sides


Lyss, Switzerland: from summer to winter maintenance

Lyss, Switzerland

Marco Läng, Head of the maintenance center and Team Leader tells us how the P3.0 has changed the way they work.


At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

Pony P3.0, Powered by ELECTRIC, Municipal Equipment

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