Jetbroom 10000 T

Designed for performance, engineered for efficiency

High-performance clearing system of progress, the Jetbroom 10000 T and its newly engineered chassis concept was built to perform with the most efficiency on the busiest airports of the world. The over 6 m / 17 ft long brush is equipped with the new and patented Quattro-Jet system, enabling a larger clearing width and an accelerated work speed during the most extreme winter conditions.

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Increased cleaning width, accelerated work speed

The Jetbroom 10000 T is more than an evolution, it represents a fundamental reengineering of the Jetbroom concept. The new cutting-edge technology is made of two blowing unit systems: one behind the broom and one in front of the broom, the new patented Quattro-Jet system. While the accelerated rotation of the broom lifts up snow, slush or water, the 4 jet nozzles fixed in the front of the broom blast everything lifted to the side. The second blower unit, placed behind the broom, blows off any leftover leaving behind a perfectly clean, nearly dry surface.

Bold path of performance

The Boschung developed Jetbroom T chassis was designed and built to easily perform winter services during heavy operating conditions. Made out of three key elements, the corner chassis houses the work engine along with the technical installations, the longitudinal beams holds the sweeping/blowing unit and the fork couples the Jetbroom to the towing vehicle.


An intelligent swiveling system for easy storage and fast deployment

Built with maximum efficiency in mind, the longitudinal beams are adjusted to the length of the broom and will hold enough space to store the 1.17 m / 46" diameter broom completely under the chassis. The patented connecting system automatically links and unlinks the Quattro-Jet blowing unit for an effortless swiveling of the broom and fast intervention.

Control unit Vpad

Intuitive and sophisticated, the Vpad offers a simplified interface to control nearly every aspect of your working experience. The voice guidance system was engineered to increase safety and help the driver monitor its working adventures while keeping his focus on the road and traffic.

Boschung BORRMA, bVision, Boschung Road and Runway Management Platform

Fleet management

With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivities, bVision, the Boschung Road and Runway Management platform gives you the keys to dominate the winter. Experience the connection of tomorrow and bring together all the tools you need for smart decision making on your runway.



  • Length

    approx. 14,300 mm / 47 ft

  • Width

    approx. 2,500 mm / 8 ft

  • Height

    approx. 3,250 mm / 10 ft

Subject to technical modifications without prior notice.

  • Weights

    • Rear axle weight

      11 t / 24,200 lbs

  • Engine

    • Auxiliary engine

      EU Stage IV / US TIER 4f
      350 kW / 470 hp
      Biofuel compatible

  • Electrical system

    • Electrical system

      24 V power supply
      2 batteries 12 V / 225 Ah

  • Steering

    • Rear axle steering

      Sensor on the king pin connector for steering angle

  • Snow removal

    • Broom

      Cassette or wafer (steel,poly, mixed)

    • Air blower unit behind the broom
    • Quattro-Jet system


    • Broom diameter

      1,170 mm / 46″

    • Broom length

      from 4,200 mm / 14 ft to 6,300 mm / 21 ft

    • Broom working width

      from approx. 3,600 mm / 13 ft to approx. approx. 5,800 mm / 19 ft

    • Snow plow
    • Plow width

      from 6,400 mm / 21 ft to 8,400 mm / 28 ft

    • Plow working width

      from approx. 5,430 mm / 18 ft to approx. 7,120 mm / 23 ft


6 Jetbroom 10000 T for Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, USA

'Through our partnership with Boschung we have had quality equipment that is safe and operational in maintaining our airport grounds'

With over 120 flights a day and lake-effect snow, blizzard-like winter conditions, the winter maintenance team at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport located in Grand Rapids, USA, knows the difficulty of keeping runways safe. Now equipped with a total of 6 Jetbroom 10000 T, all rigged with the patented Quattro-Jet system, the snow removal team can clear the danger in just 9.6 minutes. A job that would previously take 30 minutes.

Jetbroom 10000 T at Grand Rapids

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

Jetbroom Brush

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