Jetbroom 4000

Smart design, pragmatic performance and innovation

Built to give unrestrained high-speed performance, the Jetbroom 4000 and its kinetic design is compact and highly maneuverable. With a 13.7 m turning circle on the outer-wheel, the Jetbroom 4000 exceeds expectations when it comes to flexibility and mobility around narrow apron areas, taxiways and runways. Equipped with a 5.4 m wide snow plow, a 4.2 m long broom and a blowing unit placed behind the rear axle, the Jetbroom 4000 is a machine engineered with innovative and progressive technologies.

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Manoeuvrability meets efficiency

Experience the agility and dynamic workability of the Jetbroom 4000, engineered with innovative and progressive technology providing the perfect balance of smart design and impressive performance. The lower cab height gives it an easy access making the Jetbroom 4000 a user-friendly working vehicle.


Intelligent and innovative snow removal equipment

Broom diameter

920 mm

Broom length

from 4,200 mm

Snow plow width

from 5,400 mm

Fixed directly onto the chassis, the mounted broom frame can hold the weight of accumulated snow or other forces without it having any lift effect on the inside of the broom. Built with a two-cylinder system, the broom is supported and adjusted to perfection ensuring a perfect work at all time and in all condition. Connected to the traction drive engine, the snowplow can also be used without the work engine.

Bold blowing powers

Built at the back of the Jetbroom 4000, the powerful blowing unit has been engineered in the most thoughtful way, leaving no chance to snow, slush and other contaminants. The powerful airflow is pushing everything out laterally ensuring the surface is left clean behind.

Control unit Vpad

Intuitive and sophisticated, the Vpad offers a simplified interface to control nearly every aspect of your working experience. The voice guidance system was engineered to increase safety and help the driver monitor its working adventures while keeping his focus on the road and traffic.

Boschung BORRMA, bVision, Boschung Road and Runway Management Platform

Fleet management

With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivities, bVision, the Boschung Road and Runway Management platform gives you the keys to dominate the winter. Experience the connection of tomorrow and bring together all the tools you need for smart decision making on your runway.


Snow removal

  • Quattro-Jet System


  • Broom

    Cassette or wafer (steel, poly, mixed)

  • Broom diameter

    920 mm

  • Broom length

    from 4,200 mm
    variable sizes available upon request

  • Broom working width

    from approx. 3,560 mm

  • Snow plow width

    from 5,400 mm
    variable sizes available upon request

  • Snow plow working width

    approx. 4,480 mm

Subject to technical modifications without prior notice.

  • De-Icing

    • De-Icer

      Installed between cab and auxilliary engine with spray head technology (left, right, middle inside vehicle width)

    • Spreading width

      3 m - 15 m

    • Capacity

      approx. 3,000 l

  • Dimensions

    • Length 2-axle chassis

      approx. 9,700 mm

    • Chassis width

      approx. 2,500 mm

    • Chassis height

      approx. 3,880 mm

    • Turning circle on outer-wheel

      13,700 mm

  • Weights

    • Front axle

      up to 11 t

    • Rear axle

      11 t

  • Engines

    • Drive engine

      EURO 6d
      265 kW / 360 hp
      Biofuel compatible

    • Auxiliary engine

      EU Stage V
      260 kW / 354 hp
      Biofuel compatible

  • Transmission

    • Automatic gear box type for heavy trucks
  • Electric System

    • Electric System

      24 V

    • 2 accumulators

      12 V / 220 Ah

    • Generator

      28 V, 150 A

  • Drive and steering

    • Fully mechanical

      4x4 all-wheel drive
      four-wheel steering

    • Crab steering
  • Driving performance

    • Driving speed

      0 - 80 km/h

    • Working speed

      up to 60 km/h
      depending on operational conditions

Jetbroom, a Boschung success story since 1985

Originally designed in 1985, the Jetbroom is the world-first high-speed snow removal machine intended for fast action on highways and runways.
The Boschung engineered and patented chassis has been purposely developed to hold the broom in between the front and rear axle. Not only is Boschung the first company to come up with such an advanced development, the firm will push the envelop even further adding a blower unit in front of the sweeping unit. Equipped with two jets, one in the middle of the broom and the other on the outside, the Boschung engineered air / broom combination in between the axles is a revolutionary product that will open the door to an entirely new market.
Today in its 5th generation, the Jetbroom Series offer its same original concept with the most up to date cutting edge technologies.


At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

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