50th anniversary of the Boschung PONY: Big birthday for the trailblazing multipurpose carrier

Congratulations on 50 years of reliable trans-seasonal services for cities, municipalities and airports. Since 1970 the Pony has remained true to itself, and its values, offering outstanding strength, versatility and performance skills. For decades, the Pony continuously evolved, from a revolutionizing work tool to a modernized better version of itself. The constant development work of the PONY have kept it the most efficient and up to date multipurpose carrier.

Payerne, Switzerland • January 14th, 2020 - Boschung today announced the 50th anniversary of its iconic multipurpose carrier, the PONY.
It’s 1970 in Schmitten, Switzerland, exactly 23 years after the Marcel Boschung AG was founded that Marcel Boschung Senior and his team of engineers, proudly introduce to the market the PONY. A revolutionary multipurpose carrier, one with a size never seen before, one that responds to the needs of cities and municipalities for practicality, versatility and strength.
Built to be economically efficient, the PONY concept is simple: one vehicle and a complete range of easily interchangeable winter and summer equipment. Robust and multi-skilled, the PONY offers agility, maneuverability, easy handling and most importantly, a size capable of reaching the toughest places such as sidewalks.

Today, after many decades of constant development and about 7 generations of the PONY, the original concept was kept and the technologies elevated the modern engineering of now.
The PONY P4 offers a range of about 12 trans-seasonal equipment ranging from snow removal to de-icing solutions, sweeping and washing gears as well as mowing machinery and more. The all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering of the P4 offers full agility and controllability for a safe and precise work while the comfortable cabin is equipped with Boschung’s latest control handle: a joystick control unit fitted as an extension of the center armrest and the Vpad, an intuitive, sophisticated and touchscreen operating system with voice guidance.

The PONY is connected

The refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s technologies have led to a whole suite of integrated features allowing the PONY experience of today to be connected. The BORRMA (Boschung Road and Runway Management) platform allows you to track your everyday PONY activities in order to better your productivity.
Purposely developed to work in places never accessible before, the Pony has been working in cities, municipalities and airport around the world with maximum efficiency ever since the beginning. The original concept and values of the PONY have been kept and further development over the years have made the multipurpose carrier more performant than ever.
In March of this year, to celebrate the 50th birthday of the PONY, Boschung will release the PONY in its 8th generation: a PONY like no others.

About the Boschung Group:

Boschung is a Swiss company with worldwide activities. Boschung is the world leader in SURFACE CONDITION MANAGEMENT. The group engineers, develops, manufactures, operates and services comprehen- sive integrated solution for the efficiency and safety of traffic surfaces. Today the group is present on three continents with 12 locations in 10 countries.

Boschung provides solutions to detect, act and manage traffic surface conditions for three major indus- try sectors: AIRPORT, HIGHWAY & ROAD, TOWN & MUNICIPALITY. From Ice Early Warning Systems to pre- vent the formation of ice to snow removal vehicles, mobile and fixed de-icing equipment to management platforms and applications, Boschung provides solutions for the security and the efficiency of roads and airport traffic ways.

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