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Snowbooster Series

State-of-the-art, robust and dominant

Iconic since day one, the Snowbooster series offers a unique performance that blends power with modern technology into a daring snow blower design. With a clearing capacity of up to 5,000 tons per hour, the Snowbooster series blends maximum efficiency with versatility and workability. Progress is made when you see things differently and with state-of-the-art innovations merging interaction between driver and machine, the Snowbooster series cuts through snow like no others.

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Cut through snow with ease and efficiency

With a clearing capacity of up to 5,000 tons per hour, the Snowbooster series offers exceptional powers tailored to your intensive winter maintenance needs. With up to 2.7 m clearing width, the Snowbooster series was built to cut through snow like no others and hurls snow up to 60 m away.

Boschung Snow Blower, Snowbooster

Direct expulsion left and right

Boschung Snowbooster, Loading chimney explusion

Loading chimney explusion

  • Rotating
  • Adjustable stream
  • Possible extension

Front / back inclination of the attachment

  • 10° front inclination
  • 3° back inclination

Transversal inclination of the attachment

  • 10° left inclination
  • 10° right inclination
Boschung Snowbooster B8, Snow Blower

Better views with the cockpit lifting system

  • Lifts up to 600 mm
  • Gives constant view of the work tools
  • Changes the center of gravity

Agility, controllability and workability to its maximum safety and efficiency

The standard all-wheel drive on the Snowbooster series operates within the laws of physics but the all-wheel steering can help you explore the outer limits of the playground. Chose between front, back and all-wheel steering or drive your Snowbooster crab-steering for a better reach. The low center of gravity gives stability and controllability to drive onto high snow banks and cut layers after layers until clearing to the ground.

Boschung snow blower

Your vehicle is connected

Experience the work of tomorrow with the bVision, Boschung Road and Runway Management platform. Connect your Snowbooster and unlock a whole suite of surprising and integrated features for the ultimate connected work tool adventure. The integrated differential GPS positioning allows you to see the road location when buried under massive amounts of snow. With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivity, bVision offers better ways to do simple workday activities.

Boschung Snowbooster, BORRMA, bVision


The Snowbooster Series offer different sizes and types of high-performance snow blower.

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

two electric engines with oranges cables and transparent hoses attached to a grey steal frame with two red suspension on each side

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