Urban-Sweeper S2.0 sweeping and vacuuming leaves in a modern green city environment, 100% electric compact road sweeper releasing 0 (zero) emissions

Urban-Sweeper S2.0

Proven performance powered by ELECTRIC

A new era of electric is here. Meet the Urban-Sweeper S2.0, the first fully electric street sweeper releasing 0 (zero) emission and engineered by Boschung. A 2m3 sweeper combining ease and suction power with the most progressive technologies of today. Street-smart, intuitive and compact, the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 was engineered and designed for maximum performance. The intelligent and innovative battery at the heart of the sweeper will grant you an entire work shift with just a 100 minutes of charging time. With today’s possibilities and the advanced engineering of Boschung, the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 can now be fully autonomous.
This is electric done the Boschung way.

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Fast charging to get the work done

Charging Time of 100 minutes

with the Supercharger or 8 hours with the Standard Charger

Work time of 1 shift

SuperCharger charging time

0 min
100 min

Work Time

0 hrs
2 hrs
4 hrs
6 hrs
8 hrs
10 hrs

Charge on the go with the On-board charger or at the charging station

Boschung Urban-Sweeper S2.0, electric street sweeper with super charger


Boschung Urban-Sweeper S2.0, electric street sweeper with standard stationary charger

Standard Stationary Charger

Boschung Urban-Sweeper S2.0, electric street sweeper with  on board charger

On Board Charger

Compact and lightweight


2.3 tons

1 ton lighter than any ordinary 2m3 sweepers

Small width

1.15 meter

15 cm narrower than any ordinary 2m3 sweepers

The Urban-Sweeper S2.0 was designed with efficiency in mind. Providing an exceptionally light weight and narrow width for maximum reach and suction performance. Urban-Sweeper S2.0 can fit into the narrowest streets while providing maximum performance. With a chassis made out of a high resistant metal, the sweeper can hold a total gross weight of 3,500 kg or 4,000 kg.

Street sweeper with blue brooms and panoramic cabin parked under a roof between a glass wall and concrete poles

The agility of the articulated steering dexterity

An articulated steering responding to the needs of agility and flexibility required for precision with a 3.3 m turning radius.

Street-smart sharpness with the oscillating suspensions between the front and back frame

Because clever skills are most important when it comes to safety, the oscillating suspension of the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 give the 2-wheel drive the grip of an all-wheel drive. Getting up and down curbs has never been as easy and full of stability.

Intuitive and effortless handle in just one hand

Tailored to use with ease, the double joystick control unit fitted as an extension of the center armrest of the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 gives you the ability to handle all your work tools in just one hand.

The interior of a vehicle shows two screens, one with an image of the ground and the other showing a street sweeper with some number information and grey buttons

A touchscreen control unit

Displaying your vehicle status, information and intelligent functionalities, the touchscreen control unit of the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 also gives you an overview of the battery management system.

A panoramic cabin built around the driver

Designed to offer the driver the best display on his work area, the two-seater panoramic cabin was built for maximum comfort and flexibility. The transparent floor panel gives the driver a direct view onto the suction mouth.

The walk-through cabin offers the driver the safety to enter and exit the vehicle on either sides. Comfort is ensured with a temperature-controlled filtered air ventilation.

An intelligent battery system to power performance


54.4 kWh


4.17 kWh

according to the norm DIN EN 15429-2

At the heart of the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 is the battery, a powerful muscle that keeps the vehicle moving, and whose performance determines how efficient the sweeper can be. Innovative materials and design help optimize the battery’s capacity, durability and safety, making this one battery built to perform.

A street sweeper is seen driving in a courtyard of a modern glass building behind some trees and a concrete bench

Battery Technology


The 54.4 kWh lithium-ion battery counting 12 modules and a total of 4320 cells is integrated directly under the Waste hopper compartment providing energy to the powertrain with its 2 all-electric front wheel engines, 2 all-electric broom engines and the all-electric turbine.


24 temperature sensors were engineered to guarantee the battery surveillance at all time. The automatic battery heating and cooling system ensures harmless use of the battery throughout of the seasons. An overcharging protection circuit manages the charging of the battery. All intelligent features of the battery were developed to optimize the battery’s capacity, durability and safety.

two electric engines with oranges cables and transparent hoses attached to a grey steal frame with two red suspension on each side

A fully autonomous sweeper

Equipped with a combination of lidars, cameras, mm-waves radars and gnss antennas the Urban-Sweeper S2.0 becomes a fully driverless sweeper. 360° coverage of its surrounding environment, autonomous wake-up, autonomous parking, the driverless street sweeper can not only be used in closed areas, it can safely sweep the public streets with a level 5 certification. Switch from autonomous to manual at any time.


Electric vs Diesel

Cost of ownership
Electric Urban Sweeper S2.0
Euro 6 Diesel Sweeper

How do we work this out?

Costs are for 1 x 8 hour shift per day 20 days/month for 12 months. Costs are based on a Euro 6 Diesel engine consuming an average of 8 l/h. Prices and calculations are based on taxes and energy costs of Switzerland.

Costs include

  • Investment
  • Energy: Electricity or Diesel
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance and Services Taxes

Your street sweeper is connected 

Every Urban-Sweeper S2.0 is an extension of its driver, and now with the bVision platform that connection is even stronger. bVision unlocks a whole suite of surprising and integrated features for the ultimate connected work tool experience. With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivity, bVision offers better ways to do simple workday activities.

Hand holding smartphone showing a map with a route in blue in front of a white articulated street sweeper



  • Length with standard broom

    4,300 mm

  • Length with 3rd broom

    5,020 mm

  • Width

    1,150 mm

  • Height

    1,990 mm

  • Sweeping width with standard broom

    2,300 mm

  • Sweeping width with 3rd broom

    2,600 mm

  • Turning circle

    6,650 mm

  • Turning circle 'curb to curb'

    6,050 mm

Subject to technical modifications without prior notice.

  • Battery

    • Battery type


    • Capacity

      54.4 kWh

    • Nominal voltage

      96 V

    • Operating time

      up to 10 h

  • Charging system

    • AC On-board

      6.6 kW
      up to 22kW (optional)

    • Charging plug

      Type 2

    • Optional fast charger DC

      23.1 kW

  • Driving performance

    • Working speed

      0 - 18 km/h

    • Driving speed

      0 - 40 km/h

    • Electric drive with energy recovery

      40 kW

  • Weights

    • Empty weight (incl. driver)

      2,300 kg

    • Payload

      1,200 kg - 1,500 kg

    • Gross vehicle weight

      3,500 kg - 4,000 kg

  • Waste hopper

    • Volume

      2.0 m³

    • Tipping height

      1,450 mm

    • Emptying width

      990 mm

    • Tipping angle


    • Integrated recirculating water-tank through special panels
  • Waste absorption

    • Suction mouth at full width between the brushes
    • Impact protected with hydraulic activated large debris flap and heavy-duty castor wheels
    • High-performance suction blower, tear resistant and self cleaning with additional opening flap
  • Cabin

    • LED lights
    • Air conditioning system
    • Panoramic views
    • Floor-window with view on the suction mouth
    • Rear view camera
    • Walk-through
    • Adjustable steering column
    • Suspended driver and co-driver seats
    • Sliding windows on both sides
Street sweeper cleaning a bridge with 3 brooms

3rd Brush

Enlarge the sweeping reach of your Urban-Sweeper by adding a 3rd brush in the front.

  • Increase cleaning width by 600 mm
  • Support the cleaning operation in hard to reach areas
The front of a street sweeper is equipped with a triple disc scrubber. A clear liquid container is placed on the top of the scrubber with hoses showing.


Handle the heavy-duty cleaning and disinfecting process with the Urban-Sweeper and the mounted scrubber.

  • Built in cleaning detergent/sanitizer dispenser
  • 3 rotating cleaning disks
  • Joystick controlled left and right movements for maximum precision around obstacles
Urban-Sweeper S2.0 Weed brush

Weed brush

Remove unwanted weeds without the use of chemicals with the Urban-Sweeper weed brush.

Two types of brush:

  • Steel bristles
  • Bundled steel and synthetic strings
Road sweeper equipped with a hand suction hose to vacuum in smaller areas

Hand suction hose

Reach for small areas around the street sweeper with the swivelling hand suction hose stored above the hopper.

  • Lifting assisted with arm
  • Pivoting all around the vehicle
  • Dust control with the suction mouth integrated water nozzle
The back side of a street sweeper is open showing a high pressure water hand gun

High pressure water hand cleaner

The powerful high pressure water hand cleaner of the Urban-Sweeper will wash the toughest places.

  • 7 m long, automatic re-winder
  • 140 bar, 15 l/min performance
A large orange broom is attached to the front of a street sweeper

Front broom

Operate the Urban-Sweeper to brush snow off desired areas with the front broom.

  • Broom diameter 400 mm
  • Broom width 1,300 mm
  • Cleaning width 1,125 mm
The front of a street sweeper equipped with an orange snow plow is removing snow on a big concrete surface

Snow plow

Turn the street sweeper into a snow removal vehicle with the mounted snow plow.

  • Plow width 1,525 mm
  • Plow height 650 mm
  • Clearing width 1,320 mm
  • Joystick operated
The back of a street sweeper is equipped with an orange salt spreader spreading on a path in the snow

Roller spreader

During winter, use the Urban-Sweeper as a salt spreader with the rear mounted roller spreader.

  • Spreading width 1,150 mm
  • Two capacities:
    140 l capacity with an added 450 l refilling option directly from the hopper (view added equipment)
    or 200 l capacity
The back of a street sweeper is equipped with a liquid de-icer showing a clear hose attached to its tank

Liquid de-icer

Use the volume of the hopper in the winter and turn the Urban-Sweeper into a liquid spreader.

  • Ground controlled liquid spreading
  • Spreading width from 1,000 mm to 8,000 mm
  • Dosage of 2 to 40 grams per m²
  • Container bag, FlexiWet®, easily installed inside the hopper
  • Hand spray gun to de-ice stairs and difficult to reach areas


The BSR supports Berlin to become better, greener and cleaner with the Urban-Sweeper

Berlin, Germany

4 Electric Urban-Sweeper S2.0 for Nottingham

Nottingham, United-Kingdom

Berlin’s sidewalks have a maximum weight capacity of 3.5 tonnes, making the lightweight and slim design of the Urban-Sweeper a perfect fit.

Boschung’s street sweeper not only captivated BSR with its impressive design but also its exceptional performance, addressing the challenges posed by Berlin’s urban landscape to keep the city clean in an efficient way.

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At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

two electric engines with oranges cables and transparent hoses attached to a grey steal frame with two red suspension on each side

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