Vpad, Intuitive, sophisticated and user-friendly operating system


Intuitive, sophisticated and user-friendly operating system

Work smarter and safer. The engaging operating system Vpad and its 7″ touchscreen color display is the link between your mind and your machine. Voice guidance system and automated GPS controlled spreading ensure a work done with the most efficiency and safety.

  • Situation
    • Boschung
    • Boschung
      Highway and Road
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      City and Municipality

The ergonomics of the design and the 7″ touchscreen color display make the Vpad the one connection between a man and its machine

Intuitive and sophisticated, the Vpad offers a simplified interface to control nearly every aspect of your working experience.
The voice guidance system was engineered to increase safety and help the driver monitor its working adventures while keeping his focus on the road and traffic.

Wireless connectivity and effortless installation

'Plug & play' the Vpad requires no particular wiring installation, simply plugged into a power source. Connection with the spreader is cableless and done via Bluetooth signal.


GPS integrated for an intelligent management

Monitor and manage operations directly on bVision, the Boschung Road and Runway Management platform, and live the ultimate connected work tool experience of today. Report, analyze and document the work done.

Boschung Vpad, GPS integrated for an intelligent management

Hands-free spreading for maximum safety and efficiency

Fully automate your spreading activities with BORRMA-Nav, GPS controled spreading and ensure the most accurate spreading and dosage. Instructions are delivered directly on the Vpad with map and voice guidance. Let the driver focus onto traffic while BORRMA-Nav ensures the work is done with maximum efficiency.

Boschung BORRMA-NAv, GPS controled spreading

Ability at your fingertips

With 3 different screen sizes, optional joystick and rotary knobs, the Vpad is made to be tailored to your needs








  • Display

    7" color screen (16/9): 800 × 480 px Resistive touch, LED backlight
    3.5" color screen: 320 × 240 px Resistive touch, LED backlight

  • Keyboard

    5 membrane keys
    1 membrane key (ON/OFF)

  • Controllers

    20 silicone keys LED backlight
    3 rotary encoders
    1 joystick

  • Light indicators

    1 LED indicator
    3 LED indicator

  • Key Switch


  • Buzzer

    1 internal buzzer

  • Loudspeaker

    2x 1W internal / 1x 50W external (optional) and 1x 3.5 mm audio input

Subject to technical modifications without prior notice.

  • General specifications

    • Input voltage

      12/24VDC (ma× 5A @12V)

    • Size
      • 300 mm × 200 mm × 60 mm
      • 145 mm × 200 mm × 60 mm
      • 195 mm × 90 mm × 80 mm
      • 195 mm × 90 mm × 120 mm
      • 195 mm × 90 mm × 65 mm
    • Weight

      from 0.6 kg to 1.3 kg

    • Temperature

      -20°C … + 55°C operating / -40°C … +80°C storage

    • IP rating


  • Interfaces

    • USB

      1 or 3 USB 2.0

    • SD card

      1 SD card slot

    • Ethernet

      1 Ethernet RJ45

    • RS232

      In/Output for various protocols (especially DIN-EN 15430)

    • Inputs

      4 digital inputs / 2 analog inputs / 1 PT1000 sensor

    • Outputs

      1 or 2 digital outputs (max. 1A)

    • Wireless

      Wireless connection to spreader

    • Camera

      1 SMA (50Ω) for analog camera

    • Geopositioning

      GPS, Glonass, Galileo

    • GSM

      adapted to recommended standards

    • Antennas

      GPS: 1 MCX GSM: Internal / 1 external FME (optional)

    • SIM card slot

      Internal slot for mini SIM (25 × 15 mm)

  • Computing

    • Operating system

      Windows CE7.0

    • Processor

      Clock rate: 800 MHz / RAM: 1 GB
      Clock rate: 454 MHz / RAM: 128 MB

  • Compliances

    • Certification

      E1 10R-058112
      E1 10R-058198

    • Vibrations

      According to DIN EN 60068-2-6:2008-10

    • Shock

      According to DIN EN 60068-2-27:2010-02

  • Accessories

    • Joystick

    • Rotary knobs

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

Boschung Jetbroom Brush

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