Jetbroom 10000

Cleaning wider, faster

A multifunctional high-performance clearing system of progress, the Jetbroom 10000, and its iconic one-piece heavy-duty chassis, was built for extreme and engineered for efficiency. The over 6 m long brush is equipped with the new and patented Quattro-Jet, a system that enables a larger clearing width and an accelerated work speed. A system that makes the Jetbroom the most powerful work tool of today.

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Increased cleaning width, accelerated work speed

The new Jetbroom Series is more than an evolution, it represents a fundamental reengineering of the Jetbroom concept. The new cutting-edge technology is made of two blowing unit systems: one behind the broom and one in front of the broom, the new and patented Quattro-Jet system. While the accelerated rotation of the broom lifts up snow, slush or water, the 4 jet nozzles fixed in the front of the broom blast everything lifted to the side. The second blower unit, placed behind the broom, blows off any leftover leaving behind a perfectly clean, nearly dry surface.

Parallel paths of performance

Driven and steered front and rear axles

2 or 3 axle

With planetary hubs holding a 14 t load on the front and back axle and an extra 7 t load on 3rd axle

At the core of the Jetbroom is its chassis. A unique piece of steal, shaped and built to carry the weight of the machine and its powerful equipment. Available in 2 or 3 axles, the chassis is offset upwards between the front and back axle allowing space for the 1.17 m / 4 ft diameter broom and the Quattro-Jet system unit to attach.


2,500 mm


from 10,400 mm to 10,700 mm

2 or 3 axle version

The all-axle drive Jetbroom 10000 and its powerful lines pushes the boundaries of extreme while maintaining a short and slim figure.

Boschung Jetbroom 10000A, Airport Runway Cleaning Equipment

The agility of dynamic all-wheel steering

By bringing all wheels into the equation, the dynamic all-wheel steering of the Jetbroom improves minimal turning radius and stability during high speed operations.


All year round efficiency

The Jetbroom 10000 was designed to respond to your needs all year-round. To reduce the risk of foreign object debris (FOD), the Jetbroom 10000 offers different configurations and equipment, making this one machine the smartest high-speed clearing machine on the market, fully adapted to today’s modern aviation.

Jetbroom 10000, summer runway maintenace vehicle

Summer equipment

Transformed into a high-performance summer runway maintenance vehicle, the Jetbroom 10000 offers maximum efficiency.

  • Broom diameter 1,170 mm
  • Broom length 4,200 mm
  • Front suction unit 4,200 mm
  • Rear air blower installed behind the broom or at the rear of the vehicle
  • Magnetic bar width from 2,500 mm to 4,200 mm
  • High pressure washer width 2,500 mm

High-speed vacuum

  • Hopper capacity: 9 m³ / 11 yd³
  • Fresh water capacity: Up to 4,000 liters / 1056 gallons
  • Sweeping width: 4,200 mm / 14″

Magnetic Bar System

Prevent accident and remove any metal object from your surface.

The front magnetic bar comes in two different sizes:

  • Width 2,500 mm / 99″
  • Width 4,200 mm / 165″
Boschung Jetbroom 10000, Winter Airport Runway Cleaning Equipment

Winter equipment

High-performance winter runway clearing vehicle, the Jetbroom 10000 offers maximum efficiency in different sizes.

  • Snow plow width from 6,400 mm to 8,400 mm
  • Broom length from 4,200 mm to 6,300 mm
  • Broom diameter 1,170 mm
  • Quattro-Jet system
  • Second air blower available behind the broom or at rear


Width: from 6,400 mm to 8,400 mm


  • Diameter: 1,170 mm
  • Length: from 4,200 mm to 6,300 mm
  • Quattro-Jet System: patented blowing unit system installed in front of the broom
  • Rear blowing unit: installed behind the broom or at the rear of the vehicle
Boschung Jetbroom 10000, Airport Runway De-Icer, Winter Equipment

Airport De-Icer

The Jetbroom comes with 3 de-icing

  • Liquid chemicals
  • Mixed chemicals
  • Solid chemicals

Spreading width: 3 m to 16 m / 10 ft to 53 ft

Boschung Jetbroom 10000, Rear Suction Unit, Airport Runway Cleaning, Winter Equipment

Rear Suction Unit

Clean any leftover liquids such as water, oil, glycol and more of your surface with the Jetbroom rear suction unit.

Rear suction unit width 2,500 mm / 99″

The advanced de-icing technology of the Jetbroom Series

Engineered for maximum efficiency, the Jetbroom 10000 combines high-performance snow removal with state-of-the-art high-capacity de-icing in a single run

Jetbroom 10000, IMS De-Icing Technology, Airport Runway Cleaning

Solid chemicals or mixed chemicals with the IMS de-icing technology

Jetbroom 10000, SDA De-Icing Technology, Airport Runway Cleaning Equipment

FullWet® liquid chemicals with the SDA de-icing technology


One unit, two clean lanes covered

Ingenuity and adaptability for precise spreading, the Jetbroom 10000 de-icing solution offers the widest working width at the highest speed with the most precise dosage and distribution.

One unit, two clean lanes covered


Fleet Management

With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivities, bVision, the Boschung Road and Runway Management platform gives you the keys to dominate the seasons. Experience the connection of tomorrow and bring together all the tools you need for smart decision making on your runway.

Jetbroom, bVision, Airport Runway Cleaning


Snow removal

  • Quattro-Jet System


  • Broom

    Cassette or wafer (steel, poly, mixed)

  • Broom diameter

    1,170 mm / 46″

  • Broom length

    from 4,200 mm / 14 ft to 6,300 mm / 21 ft

  • Quattro-Jet System broom working width

    from approx. 3,900 mm / 12 ft to approx. 5,800 mm / 19 ft

  • Snow plow width

    from 6,400 mm / 21 ft to 8,400 mm / 28 ft

  • Snow plow working width

    from approx. 5,440 mm / 18 ft to approx 7,120 mm / 23 ft

Subject to technical modifications without prior notice.

  • De-icing

    • Liquid chemicals

      De-icer installed on the platform (serial tank system) with spray head technology (left, right, middle inside vehicle width)
      Spreading width
      3 m - 15 m
      10 ft - 50 ft

    • Solid chemicals

      De-icer installed on the platform (steel hopper) with spinner disc technology
      Spreading width
      3 m - 12 m
      10 ft - 40 ft

    • Mixed chemicals

      De-icer installed on the platform (steel hopper with side tanks) with spinner disc technology
      Spreading width
      3 m - 12 m
      10 ft - 40 ft

  • Summer equipment

    • High-speed vacuum
    • Hopper capacity

      9 m³ / 11 yd³

    • Fresh water capacity

      up to 3,000 l / 800 gallons

    • Sweeping width

      4,200 mm / 14 ft

    • Rear suction unit

      Installed to the hopper at vehicle rear to suck any kind of liquids (water, oil, glycol, etc)

    • Rear suction unit width

      2,500 mm

    • Magnetic bar width

      from 2,500 mm / 8 ft to 4,200 mm / 14 ft

  • Dimensions

    • Length 2-axle chassis

      approx. 10,400 mm / 34 ft

    • Length 3-axle chassis

      approx. 10,700 mm / 35 ft

    • Chassis width

      approx. 2,500 mm / 8 ft

    • Chassis height

      approx. 3,775 mm

    • Turning radius

      approx. 8,755 mm

  • Weights

    • Front axle

      14 t

    • Rear axle

      14 t

    • 3rd axle

      7 t

  • Engines

    • Drive engine

      EURO 6
      330 kW / 450 hp
      Biofuel compatible

    • Auxiliary engine

      EURO 6
      330 kW / 450 hp
      Biofuel compatible

  • Transmission

    • Automatic gear box type for heavy trucks
  • Electric System

    • Electric System

      24 V

    • 2 accumulators

      12 V / 220 Ah

    • Generator

      28 V, 150 A

  • Drive and steering

    • Fully mechanical

      4x4 all-wheel drive
      four-wheel steering

    • Crab steering
  • Driving performance

    • Driving speed

      0 - 80 km/h

    • Working speed

      up to 60 km/h
      depending on operational conditions

Jetbroom, a Boschung success story since 1985

Originally designed in 1985, the Jetbroom is the world-first high-speed snow removal machine intended for fast action on highways and runways.
The Boschung engineered and patented chassis has been purposely developed to hold the broom in between the front and rear axle. Not only is Boschung the first company to come up with such an advanced development, the firm will push the envelop even further adding a blower unit in front of the sweeping unit. Equipped with two jets, one in the middle of the broom and the other on the outside, the Boschung engineered air / broom combination in between the axles is a revolutionary product that will open the door to an entirely new market.
Today in its 5th generation, the Jetbroom Series offer its same original concept with the most up to date cutting edge technologies.


At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

Jetbroom Brush

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