SDA Series

Dominating the surface

Controlability and precision for unique performance, the SDA Series offers the rigor and efficiency required to work on the busiest airports. Engineered with the latest, state-of-the-art Boschung technologies, the SDA Series covers surfaces from 3 m / 10 ft and up to 30 m / 100 ft wide with liquid, solid and mixed de-icing agent.

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Controllability and precision for maximum performance

Built to reach the furthest, the SDA series was designed with rigor in mind ensuring perfect spraying at maximum speed. Modular and adjustable, the SDA series can cover a 3 m / 10 ft to 24 m / 79 ft span with liquid/solid de-icing agent and up to 30 m / 100 ft with liquid de-icing.

State-of-the-art technology for a perfect dosage and a precise coverage at maximum speed

Maximum safety and cost-efficiency with a precise and perfect dosage automatically adjusted to the travel speed with one pump per spray unit. The specialy designed overlapping spray patterns avoids gaps caused by gusts of wind.

Boschung SDA, airport, runway deicer

Advanced science and flexibility

Liquid de-icing, solid de-icing or both combined, the SDA Series offer two types of spreading systems

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Precise dosage, automatic regulation depending on density and working speed, the liquid spreading nozzle were developed to cover the width with the most precision regardless of the weather conditions.


Enlarged spreading pattern with the tandem spinner disc system engineered for the spreading of solid, liquid and mixed agents. The supply of solid de-icing agent is provided by two spiral augers. The tandem spinner disc covers from 3 m / 10 ft and up to 24 m / 79 ft width by itself.

Boschung SDA, Airport Runway, Deicer Spreader

Made out of a shock resistant, maintenance-free and no rust PE materials, the cascaded liquid tanks offer the most flexibility while allowing you to use the payload of your vehicle to its maximum

More savings with the ThermoMAT


up to 30%

thawing agent using the ThermoMAT

Weather conditions can change extremely fast. Adjusting the spreading density to the actual road surface condition while your are doing the job will allow you to save up to 30% thawing agent. The highly precise infrared sensor of the ThermoMAT measures the road surface temperature while spreading is happening. The high speed detection allow a quick reaction and automatic adjustment of the spreading density.


Liquid SDA S

Engineered to spray liquid de-icing agent, the SDA S series offers multiple width coverage possibilities:

  • 3 m / 10 ft (inside vehicle width)
  • 6 m / 20 ft
  • 12 m / 40 ft
  • 18 m / 60 ft
  • 24 m / 80 ft (with swiveling arms)
  • 30 m / 100 ft(with swiveling arms)

Liquid / solid SDA S M

Equipped with the tandem spinner discs, the SDA S M series offer many de-icing width possibilities for solid and liquid agents:

  • 3 - 24 m / 10 - 80 ft solid de-icing
  • 3 - 24 m / 10 - 80 ft liquid / solid de-icing
  • 3 m / 10 ft - 6 m / 20 ft - 12 m / 40 ft - 18 m / 60 ft - 24 m / 80 ft - 30 m / 100 ft liquid de-icing
SDA tractor, Airport Runway Deicer

SDA tractor

Equipped with the flat nozzle technology, the SDA tractor can cover a distance of 3 m / 10 ft to 18 m / 60 ft with liquid de-icing.

Intuitive, sophisticated and touchscreen operating system with voice guidance

Available in various versions, with joystick, rotary knobs and more, the Vpad is a simplified interface controlling nearly every aspects of your spreading experience.

Boschung Vpad

bVision, an intelligent management tool for complex decision-making situations

Your de-icer is connected

bVision, the Boschung Road and Runway Management platform unlocks a whole suite of surprising and integrated features for the ultimate connected work tool experience. With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivity, bVision offers a better understanding of your spreading activities.

Boschung, BORRMA, bVision

Specialized for airports, the Jetbroom offers high-speed snow clearing with liquid, solid and mixed de-icing solution for a maximized year-round maintenance.

Boschung SDA, Jetbroom, Airport Runway, Deicer

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

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