Clever to the situation

Ingenuity and adaptability for precice spreading throughout all phases of winter, CombiWet® gives you the tools for preventive full liquid and de-icing spreading in multiple possibilities. Efficiency and sustainability are handled with the the OptiWet® distribution system, hiding an array of engineering masterpieces for the perfect mixture and spreading pattern at any speed. One vehicle, a multitude of spreading actions.

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All-in-one for maximum efficiency

State-of-the-art engineering for all-in-one de-icing operations throughout all phases of the winter. Prevent and remove the danger with one vehicle equipped with an array of technologies set up for maximum sustainability and efficiency.

Preventive operations full liquid with CombiWet®

Years of experience with the de-icing of traffic surfaces have led us to one conclusion: prevention of the formation of ice is only efficient with a full liquid solution. A 100% solution of brine is spread on the surface before the freezing occures, the solution will stick to the ground until temperature drops, evaporating the water and leaving on the surface the small particle of salt to prevent the formation of ice.

A combination of spreading possibilities for safe surfaces

Adjusted to the situation, CombiWet® can cover up to 12m during high-speed operations dry, mixed or liquid


Optional, the jet nozzles ensure the distance and precise spray patterns during high-speed interventions with strong wind stability for the offset lanes


OptiWet® ensures a perfect spreading pattern (dry, mixed and liquid) at any speed with the automatic spreading width stabilization ASBS® and the automatic distributor head adjustment ASN®


Optional, the flat nozzles guarantee a homogeneous layer of liquid ice control on the entire middle surface behind the truck


A perfect spreading pattern

The automatic spreading width stabilization ASBS® compensates velocity by automatically adapting the rpm of the spinner disc.

The automatic distributor head adjustment ASN® assures a uniform spreading pattern regardless of the velocity automatically and in a fraction of milli-seconds.


Frequency controlled spiral auger

A constant feeding flow is ensured with the frequency overlaid auger rotation. Intermediate ridges and agitator fingers guarentee a perfectly relaxed salt and avoids all types of clusters.
The feeding is even at any hopper filling stage.


Frequency controlled conveyor belt

The integrated frequency controlled conveyor belt guarentees a constant feeding flow regardless of the density. The dosage sliders cut salt chunks to ensure a perfectly homogenous salt.


Elbow tube

By opposing the flow direction of the salt and brine at contact, the elbow tube creates the perfect condition for a perfect mixture. The feeding towards the falling tube is ensured constentaly regardless of the distribution head position.


Mouth piece

The specially engineered mouth piece directs the mixtured at the center of the spinner disk with a defined impact position. The result is an ideal lateral distribution of the salt/brine blend.


Spinner disc

The elaborated geometry of the spinner disc along with its blades are specially designed following the flow of the spinner itself to allow consistancy and perfection during spreading.


A perfect lateral spreading at any angle

The state-of-the-art engineering of the OptiWet® concept also includes the spreader direction adjustment via a slewing ring where the dry salt is falling into the elbow tube.

This development ensures the direction of the mixture isn't changed and that the lateral distribution can be done at any position.

Full liquid spreading with OptiWet®

100% liquid preventive spraying on up to two lanes with OptiWet® at a high-speed of up to 60km.


Perfect humidification of the salt grain depends of the salt mass


40 gr/m²
0 gr/m²


10 %
18 %
36 %
54 %
72 %
90 %

Our experience and know-how in the fields of de-icing have led us to understand that the perfect spreading pattern, the best thawing effect and the most accurate lateral distribution can only be reached if the percentage of brine is adjusted to the spreading density


The result of the automatic FS-Adaptiv® is a perfect mixture for a perfect spreading regardless of the salt density


Lower density of salt requires more brine for a better adhesion


Higher density of salt requires less brine for a higher thawing action

More savings with the ThermoMAT


up to 30%

thawing agent using the ThermoMAT

Weather conditions can change extremely fast. Adjusting the spreading density to the actual road surface condition while your are doing the job will allow you to save up to 30% thawing agent. The highly precise infrared sensor of the ThermoMAT measures the road surface temperature while spreading is happening. The high speed detection allow a quick reaction and automatic adjustment of the spreading density.

Küpper-Weisser, IMS, ThermoMAT

CombiWet® a year round performance

Make your winter equipment profitable and turn your salt spreader into an efficient street washer outside the winter season with the CombiWet®.

Boschung FlexiWet, salt spreader, street washer

Intuitive, sophisticated and touchscreen operating system with voice guidance

Available in various versions, with joystick, rotary knobs and more, the Vpad is a simplified interface controlling nearly every aspects of your spreading experience.

Boschung Vpad

bVision, an intelligent management tool for complex decision-making situations

Your spreader is connected

bVision, the Boschung Road and Runway Management platform unlocks a whole suite of surprising and integrated features for the ultimate connected work tool experience. With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivity, bVision offers a better understanding of your spreading activities.

Boschung, BORRMA, bVision

Key features of bVision and CombiWet®: dry, liquid and/or wet de-icing

Mission Planning

Ensure safety and fast reaction with the bVision Mission Planning. Missions are triggered as soon as the alarm comes in. Your team members recieve the mission directly on their phones via messages. Follow your missions status simultaneously directly from your computer.


Fully automate your spreading activities with BORRMA-Nav, a GPS controled spreading and ensure the most accurate spreading and dosage. Instructions are delivered directly on the Vpad with map and voice guidance. Let the driver focus onto traffic while BORRMA-Nav ensures the rest.

Boschung IMS, BORRMA, bVision

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

IMS spreader, OptiWet

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