Boschung FullWet, Liquid De-Icing System


Forefront of prevention

Safety and sustainability for safe traffic ways with the fully liquid FullWet® technology. Available in different size, the Fullwet® technology is adjusted to the size of your vehicle. Because preventing the danger from happening is key for maximum safety and efficiency.

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A technology the size of your requirements

Built on a solid frame, FullWet® can be adjusted to your size and attachment needs. Made out of shock-resistant, maintenance-free, and no rust PE materials, the cascaded liquid tanks offer the most flexibility while allowing you to use the payload of your vehicle to its maximum. The modular system comes in a variation of three tank capacities. Three flow joiners were engineered to connect the tanks, guaranteeing perfect fluid transfer and leveling at all times.

Boschung FullWet Flexible, Fully Liquid De-Icing System

FullWet® for narrow-gauge vehicles

Engineered to fit the narrowest, FullWet® can easily be mounted on narrow-gauge vehicles covering a spreading width of up to 3m.

Boschung FullWet, narrow deicer

A combination of spreading technologies for a maximum precision

Precise lateral distribution of the liquid de-icing agent during high-speed operations on up to 12m width with the unique FullWet® spraying system


Flat nozzles guarantee a homogeneous layer of liquid ice control on the entire middle surface behind the truck


Jet nozzles ensure the distance and precise spray patterns during high-speed interventions with strong wind stability for the offset lanes

Intuitive, sophisticated and touchscreen operating system with voice guidance

Available in various versions, with joystick, rotary knobs and more, the Vpad is a simplified interface controlling nearly every aspects of your spreading experience.

Boschung Vpad

bVision, an intelligent management tool for complex decision-making situations

Your spreader is connected

bVision, the Boschung Road and Runway Management platform unlocks a whole suite of surprising and integrated features for the ultimate connected work tool experience. With the refined engineering of Boschung and the limitless possibilities of today’s connectivity, bVision offers a better understanding of your spreading activities.

Boschung, BORRMA, bVision

Key features of the bVision and the FullWet® liquid spreading

Mission Planning

Ensure safety and fast reaction with the bVision Mission Planning. Missions are triggered as soon as the alarm comes in. Your team members recieve the mission directly on their phones via messages. Follow your missions status simultaneously directly from your computer.


Fully automate your spreading activities with BORRMA-Nav, a GPS controled spreading and ensure the most accurate spreading and dosage. Instructions are delivered directly on the Vpad with map and voice guidance. Let the driver focus onto traffic while BORRMA-Nav ensures the rest.

Boschung IMS, BORRMA, bVision

D - Eco diesel engine drive

Equipped with the patented ECO control, the 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine drive is a low-maintenance drive, easily accessible unit fittet into a dismountable frame.

The patented Eco engine control is an automatic and performance-depending control of the engine rpm. Connected directly to the Vpad it will adapt its power to your driving speed, spreading width and density, allowing up to 50% fuel saving meaning drastic CO2 emission cutback.


H - Vehicle hydraulic drive

At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

Boschung deicer, airport

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