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Multi-segmented snowplow

With a full range of multi-segemented snowplows, Boschung offers the best snow clearing technology in all sizes.

Multi-segemented snowplows Boschung

Automatic override protection for obstacles up to a height of 150 mm by spring suspended plow elements

Snowplow Battery

A patented overpressure battery protects hydraulic cylinders against damage from laterally hitting obstacles

Boschung Snowplow

Optimized snow clearance and perfect vehicle behavior achieved by hydraulic plow discharging

Boschung snowplow for mountain clearing

Reinforced frame with higher segment for mountain clearing, double springs and angle restriction for the shock absorbing rail

Snowplow, Inclination system with lifted/lowered hydraulic system

Inclination system with lifted/lowered hydraulic system

Snowplow, Castor wheels for floating position

Castor wheels for floating position

Snowplow, Attachment plate

Attachment plate

2 wedges and swinging screws on the attachment plate allow quick mounting and disassembling to or from the vehicle attachment plate by using the plow’s hydraulics. Plates are available according to all norms.

Snowplow, Wear rails

Wear rails

Wear rails made out of steel, vulcolan, rubber or composite material can be fitted according to your needs.

Snowplow, Precision wear rails

Precision wear rails

Can be retrofitted to any existing plow of the MF-series for more precision.

Snowplow, Rock protection

Rock protection

A side rubber rock prodection can be installed.

Snowplow weight discharger

Weight discharger

Optimised snow clearance and perfect vehicle behaviour is achieved by hydraulic Weight discharging. This also prevents unnecessary wear of road surface and cutting edges.

Snowplow lighting frame

Lighting frame

A lighting frame may be fitted for maximum visibility and security.

Intuitive, sophisticated and touchscreen operating system with voice guidance

Available in various versions, with joystick, rotary knobs and more, the Vpad is a simplified interface controlling nearly every aspects of your spreading experience.



The MF Series


At Boschung, safety and efficiency is our promise. Our commitment to those purchasing Boschung equipment is for a lifetime.

Boschung snowplow, lighting frame

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